Tiffany Reproduction Lamp at Braintree Antiques Centre

tiffany_lamp_braintree_antiques_centreThis is one of several reproductin Tiffany lamps we have for sale. These really are charming and beautiful items that really catch the eye. We tend to stock the designs reflecting the art nouveau period and find that the dragon fly design is by far the most popular with our customers. We have other reproduction items as well as antiques on our top floor where we have the space to display larger items such as tables, cabinets and chairs.

Columbia Grafanonola from Crouch End Maker – Video

We currrently have this in at the antiques centre. I almost didnt put this post up as quite frankly this item is a delight to have in the sale room. It works perfectly and is much louder than you would expect. Its a delight to listen to and brings visions of zepplins, hall dances and a simpler era. It comes with a few good 78 rpm LP’s but we can source more for the buyer if you want a collection to play. This is currently priced at £280 and whoever buys it is in for a treat and a really good talking point piece.



How offices used to be!

We are all familiar with the comedy posters put up at work telling employees what “the rules” are.

If you buy an older poster then you wont need to make up any rules – have a read of this vintage / antique poster!.



Houses Of Parliament Lead Figurine Of Guy Fawkes

houses_of_parliament_leadThe houses or pariliament were bombed during world war two at which point a lot of the lead on the roof melted and was subsequently reclaimed.

Its entirely appropriate that this was then made into this figurine or Guy Fawkes who tried the same thing a few hundred years earlier and was also unsuccessful!. This item can be viewed at Bratinree Antiques Centre and is priced at £165.