Antique Lead tobacco pot c1750

The older antiques are and the better condition they are in effects price on almost all genres. There are some exceptions however. Anything in soft metals like lead or pewter always show some wear and you also have to consider that what you see today as “damage” on an item may well be how it was presented when it was first made so it may not be in the “poor condition” that you imagine. A good example is this Antique tobacco box that dates from 1750 to 1800. The following picture shows an example that would be considered in good condition, although of course not perfect.


The following picture is an item we have for sale at Braintree Antiques Centre and as you can see it is in the same sort of condition although the item has been decorated with paints during its lifetime.

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This is currently on sale for £78 and theres not much you can buy these days from the 17th century at that price. We have lots more interesting items like this so please pay us a visit when your passing Braintree.